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LatchAid breastfeeding app

New pioneering app that supports breastfeeding mums to launch NHS 3 month pilot

LatchAid, the (Gloucestershire/Bristol) firm using innovative technology to revolutionise breastfeeding, is expanding further by launching a 3 month pilot study here in Lancashire.

LatchAid will be prescribed through a pilot study to new mothers across 12 different NHS Trusts and HCRG  to support their infant-feeding teams.  This means that both health care professionals and families can enjoy the premium version of the app for free from 6th October 2021.

LatchAid is a pioneering breastfeeding and early parenthood app that provides parents with:

  • Cutting-edge 3D interactive animations to help mothers learn breastfeeding skills intuitively
  • Empathic Artificial Intelligence to provide mothers with personalised support and companionship 24/7
  • Expert 1-1 support to help mothers feel reassured and more confident
  • Virtual peer support groups to connect mothers to a close-knit support network

How to get the app for FREE

Do you live in Lancashire?

Do you own an iOS/Apple phone or device? (The team are currently working hard to implement the app on Android)

Are you interested in breastfeeding? (This doesn’t have to be exclusive breastfeeding, it can be combi feeding, it can be relactating or inducing lactation, it can be in the antenatal or postnatal stage of pregnancy)

Contact your Health Visitor or the Duty number on 0300 247 0040 to request a token which will allow you access to the full premium version of the app.  You have until 4th February 2022 to apply your token.  You will then receive a full 3 months FREE access to breastfeeding support.

Your Health Visitor can help support using the app and applying the token.

More about LatchAid

LatchAid has won multiple awards and competitive grant funding from Innovate UK, EU, Q Exchange and UnLtd and Dr Davies has won the prestigious Women In Innovation Award, being named one of the UK’s top 40 women innovators and the Business Insider 42 under 42.

LatchAid was set up by Dr Chen Mao Davies, an Oscar and BAFTA-winning expert in computer graphics and animation, after facing her own struggles with breastfeeding, pain and subsequent depression. She realised that mothers needed maternal support fit for the 21stcentury; a smart, on-hand, interactive way to learn vital and practical breastfeeding skills.


Dr. Davies, said: “We believe that every mother deserves the support and empowerment to give their child the best start in life. This is at the core of everything we do. I understand first-hand the challenges that mothers face, that is what motivated me to start LatchAid. I know we can help mothers overcome these struggles.”

The app was launched on Apple App Store on Thursday 5th August during World Breastfeeding Week, which aims to raise public awareness and galvanise action on breastfeeding every year.

LatchAid has already been beta tested by over 1,000 people in 20 countries across six continents. The app has been co-developed with leading infant feeding, baby development and maternal health specialists. Mothers, mothers-to-be and professionals alike agree that it is reliable and accurate, that it can improve confidence in new mothers and improve breastfeeding skills. LatchAid’s user study showed that it has helped over 70% of breastfeeding mothers increase their confidence and skills in just four weeks and over 80% of mothers and healthcare professionals, said they would recommend LatchAid to friends, family, and clients.

To read more about LatchAid, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or visit their website.