Due to the ongoing pandemic, and to help keep you and our colleagues safe we’re following national guidance and minimising face to face contacts. We will continue to support you through video consultation, telephone consultations and virtual clinics and we’ll see you face to face where this is safe, and the most appropriate way to support you in line with the national guidance.

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Health Visiting

We provide health visiting services and offer advice from the antenatal period through the first 5 years of your child’s life. This includes advice on healthy growth and care, including infant feeding and support with common health problems. We work closely with other professionals to support young families and carers.


Health visitors

Our healthy family team will arrange to visit you at home to provide advice on your antenatal care and the care of your baby and young children. In the first few months we will monitor your baby’s growth and development providing advice or referral to another professional for any issues that arise. Later we will monitor your young child’s development and readiness for school.

The team also provides advice at our local baby clinics and are available by phone between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Accessing the service 

You will be referred to the service at 20 weeks of pregnancy and your named Health Visitor will contact you to make an appointment to meet you at home at around 28 weeks. The Healthy Family Team will contact you after the birth to arrange a series of visits according to your needs and to provide you with information about the baby clinics. You can contact our duty health visitor by phone on our main number 0300 247 0040 or make contact with your named health visitor.

You will be given a Child Health Record known as the ‘Red Book’ shortly before or after your child’s birth. Please be sure to have your Red Book available when you have an appointment with the healthy family team or call us to rearrange.

Patient support 

It is important to stay healthy during pregnancy and as a new parent, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep when you can safely and take exercise appropriate to your stage of pregnancy. Get trusted family and friends to support you  when caring for your young baby and small children.

You will have a programme of support visits tailored to your needs and you will be invited to attend a local baby clinic when you wish. If you require advice you can call us for advice over the phone or if necessary to arrange a further visit.

Contact number: 0300 247 0040

Baby clinics

We run regular baby clinics for new parents to have your child weighed and get advice and support about your child’s health. There may be instances where your health professional advises that more frequent clinic visits are necessary. To learn more click here 

2 year check

We carry out health checks for your child when they are 2 years old. These checks can take place any time between the second birthday up to your child being aged 2-and-a-half so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us straight away. You will be contacted by the team to schedule an appropriate appointment.